How Uganda can Achieve Economic Transformation

• Creating better jobs on farm plantations by increasing agricultural productivity.
• Making the informal sector more productive.
• Improving survival growth and productivity in the informal sector.
• Planning for urban growth more efficiently (urbanisation is providing opportunities through agglomeration of firms and customers especially in services and some extent manufacturing.
• Uganda has a challenge to productively employ its fast growing youthful and increasing literate population.
o Slums can become well developed residential and commercial centres.
o Most third world countries consist of political parties who try to protect their special privileges by restricting access to the ability to form organisation amongst individuals.
o These elites rely on personal communication and the threat of violence to maintain order and recruit desirables into the organisations. Such a setup weakens good governance (as leaders are less accountable) but also leads to weak institutions where peace is not always assured as those in control of the means to inflict violence simply restrain themselves out of trust or loyalty can easily resort to violence.
o Investment is needed to kick start industrialisation and economic growth.
o The more the competition, the more wealth and growth is created.


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